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柏威塑胶五金制品(惠州)有限公司,成立于1993年,已通過ISO9001:2008 及 ISO/TS 16949質量體系認証的加工工廠。  本公司主要生產各類車床及沖壓零件,供予: 家電,裝潢及汽車零件等行業。  其中,汽車零件更每年穩定地供給國際大型汽車生產商。  我們擁有持續改革的制度,先進的自動化生產和檢測設備, 以及專業熱心的團隊, 為客戶從設計到售後提供最優受及可靠的服務。


Parkview Plastic and Metals Works (Huizhou) Co., Ltd is a growing precision metal works manufacturer certified by ISO 9001 and TS 16949. Our company is expert in manufacturing Lathe parts and Stamps part in the categories of Home Furniture, Home Appliances and Auto Parts and Accessories. Our parts under the category of Auto Parts and Accessories has been continuously using by the global motor industries. We are constantly improving our efficiency by advancing automation in processing and quality checking. We offer excellent quality in metal lathing parts and stamping parts with our professional services and sincere communication from design to end-use.